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Jeanne Horner
      Premier Website Solutions is the best webhosting, domain hosting and helpful company I have ever done business with since first having a business website in 1997. Mike helped us cut a stranglehold two other companies had on us. He has since in the last year or so been an absolute life saver. He is extremely professional and has on many occasions walked me through the proceedures to accomplish my goals without having to learn huge programs to do it. I will be doing business with Premier Website Solutions for many years to come. My heartfelt thanks to all that work there.
Sincerely, Jeanne horner

Taryn - Where Ladybugs, Celtic Heritage and Original Art Collide!
      I've had my own domain since 1998 and the last 4 years were spent with the same webhost. They had great prices and wonderful service. I figured, if it ain't broke don't fix it, right? WRONG. When I discovered Premier Website Solutions I realized how much *more* I could be getting from a webhost! Not only am I paying HALF AS MUCH with Premiere for a very similar hosting package, but I'm also receiving TONS of extras that weren't offered by my former host. And Premiere's customer service is immediate, friendly and top-notch. Anything you don't understand, they'll walk you through, step by step. If you need assistance, it's always there. You can upgrade - or downgrade - your package at any hassles....and their servers are up whenever I log-on, day or night. Everything I could possibly want from a webhost and absolutely nothing I don't. I just wish *more* things in life were this easy! :-)

Jodie - From Gonzo & Beyond
      I have been wanting an E-card & Puzzle page set up on my website for months. Unfortunately, I or anyone else I knew could not figure out how to make that possible, then I found Mike! Mike not only was able to create my E-cards & Puzzle page but went above & beyond the call of duty when a technical problem came up and he took care of it at no extra charge. I'm happy to say that my E-cards & Puzzle page are now up and running....thanks to Mike. I'm very pleased with all the work Mike has done for my site and I plan on using his services again. If you're looking for a reasonable webmaster to do work for your site, you won't be sorry to contact Mike.

Lisa Roxia - Favorite Teen And Young Starlets message board
      We are happy and proud to have our Messageboard.."Favorite Teen And Young Starlets. Com" designed and hosted by "Premier Website Solutions." Our Message Board is a Family Friendly Message board. We do not have any sexual content or profanity. We are one of the only Message boards on the Net that children and Parents can view and participate at the same time in a Family Friendly Environment. We have strong Family Values. That's why we chose Mike to host us. He believes in the Mission Statement and the message of the board. His service is Fantastic. Mike not only designed and hosts the message board but gets involved with the content. He also makes it easy for us (not really computer savvy) to run the board with ease. The messageboard has had many hosts during the four years we have been around. Not ONE OF THEM compares with "Premier Website Solutions." Why? Well, Mike puts many hours of work into the sites he designs and hosts. His design of our messageboard is Grade A. Not only does he design and Host sites but Mike gets involved. Not only on the Messageboard but, he aims to please.

We are happy we have Mike who designed and hosts Favorite Teen And Young Starlets.Com. We will never go back to any other design and hosting site that does a fast, non complex job and never assists in helping. We learned how Mike not only designs and hosts...he helps with assistance and a caring hand. That means plenty in this age and time. He takes the time to personalize the site to your pleasure. If you are looking for someone to design and host your yourself a favor, let Mike design and host a site for you. If you want a top notch, top of the line site at affordable prices then Mike is the person you are looking for. He brings professionalism, caring and assistance to all of his sites. We are happy we made the switch to Premier Website Solutions and we know YOU will be too when you switch to "Premier Website Solutions."

Lisa Roxia
Crystal Cadillo
"Favorite Teen And Young Starlets.Com"
Message Board

Paul M. Smith - Official website for the actress Sarah Rush.
      To whom it may concern,

My name is Paul Smith, and I reside in Montgomery, Alabama. I have known Mike Secord for about two years and I've had the opportunity to view numerous websites which were created and maintained by him. His websites for celebrities are tasteful and well crafted. In my opinion, he does outstanding work for a fair price. Additionally, I've had a couple of small financial transactions with him. Experience has proven to me that Mr. Secord is an honorable man in whom one may place full trust and confidence. I highly recommend his integrity and quality of work to anyone who contemplates hiring him for website creation and maintenance.

Paul Smith, SSG, US Army, 25th Infantry Division, (retired).

Anthony Dogg - Abe's Celebrity Animations
      I've had sites at Yahoo, Tripod & M.S.N. their service was marginal to say the least. I know very little about the web and if I needed help with anything it was hard to get the right answers. With Premier Website Solutions you always get Mike to answer any questions. He was able to talk me through any problems I came up against. Its easy to upload my site with the tools that Mike set me up with, I simply point and drag. This is the best Design, Hosting, and Registration service with competitive prices that I have come across yet.

Anthony Dogg.

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