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Payment gateways are what handle the transactions between your your business and your customer. With any shopping cart systems that collect payment when an order is placed, the payment gateway works in the background to authenticate and authorize payments. This is pretty much the same as the credit card processing system in a brick-and-mortar store. Many merchant accounts include the payment gateway.

If you have an e-commerce merchant account, or a brick-and-mortar merchant account that will allow e-commerce sales, but don't have a payment gateway, we can help you find the best provider for you and help you set it up.

Setting up a payment gateway is easier, and cheaper, in some countries than others, but it can be set up for a business in pretty much any country. Because of the differences, we ask that you contact us and let us know what country you are from and we can help you find options.

Our e-commerce package deals, package 6, package 7, or package 8, include our assistance in setting up a merchant account and payment gateway, or a 3rd party alternative, and shopping cart system with a secure checkout.